The Club Airport Lounge FAQs

Who do I contact regarding a UK lounge booking?

If you have a customer service or booking related query regarding any of our UK lounges, please contact quoting ALD-101.

Does the lounge provide any refreshments?

Complimentary refreshments are available to all guests and include light snacks, bottled water, juices, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. In addition, individuals can pick up food from one of the dining establishments within the terminal and bring it with them into the lounge.

Are children allowed in the lounge?

Infants under the age of 2 years are allowed complimentary access. Children 2 years and older are welcome but must be admitted as a guest.

How early can I access the lounge on the day of my booking?

You will have access to the lounge for up to three hours prior to your originally scheduled flight departure time.

Can I use my Day Pass in multiple lounges?

No. To visit additional lounges a new Day Pass must be purchased.

What facilities are available at the lounge?

In addition to a relaxing and peaceful environment, The Club provides guests with an opportunity to check their email using the desktop PCs in the workstations. Guests may also use their own laptop computers throughout the lounge to connect to the internet. Guests can also watch TV and choose from a number of magazines and newspapers while visiting The Club. Some of the lounges have shower facilities; please check the individual lounges for a list of amenities.

Can I reserve the conference room for a meeting?

Our SJC Lounge offers a conference room. It is recommended that use of the conference room be booked in advance of your arrival at The Club to ensure availability. For pricing and to reserve a conference room, please contact our customer services desk at 877-535-0259 and state the date and time you need reserved. Please note you must be traveling that day as you have to clear security before entering the lounge conference room.

Is smoking allowed within the lounge?

No, there is no smoking allowed within the lounges.

Do I receive a receipt for my day pass purchase?

Yes, you will receive an email with confirmation of your purchase.

How will I receive my day pass?

You will receive a separate email that will have your voucher number on it. You will need to print this and bring it with you to gain access / entry to the lounge.

If I’ve purchased multiple day passes, how will I receive my vouchers?

You will receive one confirmation email for all of your purchases of day passes. You will receive a separate email with a unique voucher number for each day pass that you have purchased.

Can I get a refund or a credit for my purchase of a day pass?

No. There are no refunds or credits. All sales are final. Day passes are valid for 6 months after the purchase.

What if I never used my day pass and it hasn’t expired – can I get a refund?

No, all sales are final. There are no refunds or credits.

When will my day pass expire?

Day passes expire 6 months from the date of purchase.

Can I use my expired day pass?

No, once your day pass has expired, the voucher will not be redeemable.

Can I get a refund or credit for my expired day pass?

No. There are no refunds or credits for an expired day pass(es).

Can I purchase the day pass for use by another individual or give it to them as a gift?

You may purchase additional day passes. You will receive a separate email, with a unique voucher number for each pass you’ve purchased. You may distribute these to the person(s) whom you wish to give as a gift.

PLEASE NOTE: Each voucher has a unique voucher code on it and can only be used once. Please ensure that you do not distribute the same voucher number to the person(s) you wish to give as a gift.

What if I forget to bring the printout with the confirmation / voucher number (s) for the passes purchased?

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do. You need to present the voucher number in order for us to confirm that you have purchased a day pass. If you can access your email and show us the voucher number electronically, we can process it that way.

If I’ve purchased a day pass for myself, can I bring guests into the lounge with me?

Guests are permitted, but each guest will need to purchase a day pass. Additional passes may be purchased for $45per guest, per visit. Accompanying infants under 2 are admitted free of charge.

Do I have to purchase a day pass online or can I purchase one at the club?

You can either purchase a day pass online, or you can purchase a day pass at the club directly.

Can I transfer the day pass to another person after I’ve received my day pass voucher?

Yes, you may give the day pass to another person as long as you have not used it yourself. The vouchers have a unique code on them and can only be used one.

How far in advance can I purchase a day pass?

We recommend that you purchase your day pass at least 12 hours in advance of your trip.

Do I have to specify the date the day pass will be used?

No, you do not have to specify the day that you will use the pass. Day passes are valid for 6 months after the date of purchase.

What if I purchased a day pass for a specific club, but want to use it at another club?

The day pass is only valid for the specific club you purchased your pass for. It cannot be used at any other club.

I can’t find the email with my voucher code in it, can you resend it to me?

Please call our Customer Service Department at 877-535-0259.