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Dear Guest,

If you’re visiting one of our lounges before getting on an airplane, we want you to know what to expect.
Because your safety and well-being remain our highest priority, you’ll notice some changes we’ve made to The Club and Club Aspire experience based on recommendations from our dedicated medical doctor, advice from the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control.
Below are answers to some frequently asked questions we hope you’ll find helpful.

What lounges are temporarily closed?
  • As coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact every corner of our world, The Club and Club Aspire lounges are temporarily closed until further notice to meet government and airport rules

When will temporarily closed lounges re-open?
  • We are closely monitoring the situation to update our guests once lounges begin to reopen, along with any changes to lounge hours or facilities.
  • Please check here for any updates on lounge re-openings and club hours of operation.

What is being done to keep all lounges clean and sanitized?
Because we’re following the FDA and National Restaurant Association’s COVID-19 Re-Opening Guidance and the longstanding ServeSafe guidelines, we will enhance our normal cleaning protocols throughout the lounge:

Enhanced cleaning
  • Prior to re-opening, the entire lounge will receive a professional deep clean and complete sanitization
  • In addition to our regular open / closed hour cleaning procedures, we’re adding dedicated staff to clean all guest and food service areas, as well as beverage equipment, with EPA approved disinfectant every 30 minutes during open hours
  • Additionally, seat/table area cleaning in the dining room and bar will be done after each use
Hand sanitizer widely available
  • Hand sanitizer stanchions will be placed in all food and beverage areas as well as the concierge area upon entering and exiting the lounge. Guests are encouraged to use it, especially before enjoying any food and beverage
  • We’ll also kindly request that plates/glasses/flatware are used only one time per visit to food serving area and no filling of any personal beverage containers from the self-serve beverage areas

HEPA Filtration Unit
  • We’re working with our airport partners to install HEPA filtration systems to enhance the air quality within the lounge

Are employees required to wear face coverings and gloves?
  • Yes. We continue to align our procedures with the CDC and align with the U.S. Travel Association guidance on promoting the health and safety of all travelers. All team members are required to wear a face covering throughout their entire shift
  • In addition, a plexiglass protection shield will be used at the concierge desk as well as bar ordering area
  • Gloves will be worn by employees at all times while on duty. Also, team members are required to wash hands for at least 20 seconds, every thirty minutes. Trained managers will provide oversight on all compliance

Will guests be required to wear gloves and face coverings?
  • We’ll continue to follow all local and state guidance on the requirement of face coverings for the general public. Please check with the local airport and municipality to ensure you’re “in the know” before you travel

Will temperature checks be required before employees start their shift?
  • Yes. All team members receive a temperature measurement prior to the beginning of a shift. Staff with an elevated temperature will not be permitted to work and referred for follow up care

Are lounge hours changing?
  • Initially, lounge hours will vary as we seek to align with airport flight departures to accommodate as many guests as allowed in the Club at one time
How many guests will be allowed in the lounge at a time?
  • Social Distancing will be encouraged.
  • We will initially limit the number of guests allowed in the club based on the occupancy guidelines in place at each airport per local government requirements
  • As restrictions and requirements ease, we will seek to adjust our hours and occupancy levels, balanced with health and safety protocols in place

Will food and snacks still be available?
  • Yes. We will continue to offer a selection of menu items but initially, a combination of pre-packaged and wrapped selections will be available. For breakfast, continental style with fresh fruit, yogurt and pastries. Lunch and dinner will include a mix of protein options as well as two soups and a selection of sweet and savory snack/dessert items
  • A dedicated attendant will assist all guests with their selections to minimize touch points for all guests
  • Our menus will continually be adjusted as supply chains expand and local/state health guidelines for food service and safety are adjusted

Can I still get complimentary beer, wine and spirits?
  • Yes. You can continue to enjoy a variety of complimentary beer, wine and single-mix spirits, our signature cocktail menu will not be available

What other amenities will be offered?
In addition to complimentary alcoholic beverages and pre-flight bites, you can enjoy:
  • A variety of non-alcoholic selections, including sodas, teas, coffee drink selection and still/sparkling water
  • Space to work or relax
  • Free Wi-Fi and television entertainment
  • Comfortable seats and quiet spaces, spaced to meet social distance requirements
  • The latest magazines and newspapers delivered directly to your personal electronic device
  • Plenty of power sockets to give your devices a boost
  • Bathroom facilities are available; however, shower facilities offered in some lounges will be temporarily closed for enhanced health and safety